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Thank you for considering using A Guide 2 Northern Ireland as one marketing tool in your arsenal; we aim to guide tourists to your door no matter the season or weather!  You can contact us at info@aguide2northernireland.com if you would like more information. 
We understand your marketing spend is precious, and that you must think critically when evaluating new advertising opportunities. Here are some good reasons why aguide2NorthernIreland is a smart investment for your business:
1. Our focus is Northern Ireland – aguide2NorthernIreland focuses on servicing travelers to Northern Ireland who are looking for services and accommodation in specific localities, in other words your potential customers.  General directory sites cover the whole of the UK or even the whole world meaning that the overwhelming volume of their site traffic is irrelevant to you.  Most of such marketing spend is effectively wasted. Our focus is entirely on Northern Ireland, and we attract precisely your target market. This means that every visitor to our site is a potential guest or customer for you, and every pound spent is efficiently targeted.
2.  It pays for itself - our rates are set competitively. So all the listing has to do is to generate one sale for you, either directly or indirectly, in order to cover its cost. Everything further is a straight increase in your sales. Signing up should really create benefits for you – it is simple business sense.
3. We market, you benefit – Most sites asking for your valuable marketing dollars have simplistic search engine strategies, e.g. reliance on sponsored links on Google. We have more strategies than just that (although in peak season that is a good use of our marketing spend). Our site traffic strategy operates on several levels. Furthermore, this is specifically managed and monitored to ensure the most effective results are obtained.
4. Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee – There is no risk to trying us out. If you are unsatisfied, you can simply cancel within 60 days of your initial registration and we will refund your payment.  However, we are confident that you’ll find us a great asset to your business.
Advantages of the aguide2NorthernIreland Way
While offline and even traditional online advertising techniques are certainly not about to die out, they are relatively expensive and time-consuming.  Key drawbacks are:
. targeting of potential customers is imprecise and broadbrush;
. the administration of the advertisement is inefficient as set up and alteration involves detailed liaison with a traditional media company;
. the advertisement cannot react speedily to demand variations.

Our internet guide www.aguide2northernireland.com provides a uniquely flexible advertising platform that provides a solution to these drawbacks.  At the centre of this is a new streamlined advertisement placement engine which eliminates these inefficiencies.  The benefits passed back to subscribers are competitive fees and increased advertising effectiveness.
 Some of the features of our advertising packages:
*targeted and effective access to the precise and relevant market segment required;
*our editing engine provides unrivalled administrative convenience – adding your listing takes a matter of seconds;
*competitive pricing – the range of services provided will be by their nature significantly more cost-effective than traditional advertising;
*real-time access to your listing;
*access to a variety of different advertising platforms tailored to your precise advertising requirements;
*the unique ability to target advertising to manage peaks and troughs in demand through our “classifieds” section. This concept of “Just-in-time” advertising represents a substantial advance in precision marketing spend;
*no hidden costs – you purchase precisely the advertising that meets your business needs and no more;
*secure internet payment through the trusted Paypal.
This represents some of the most cost-effective and targeted marketing channels available which will give you an edge in increasing sales and building market awareness.
How Listings Work
The distinctive feature of advertising on aguide2NorthernIreland.com is that you retain full control of your display via your own administration area online. You are then able to upload your own advertisement summary and it will be displayed immediately. That is it – no delays, no unnecessary administration.
You will be provided with your own user name and log in ID, after which, you will effectively have your own reserved advertising section which can updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You can update your listing as many times as you wish without charge.
Compliance with site standards are monitored by designated web administrators who, if necessary, will exercise their right to remove any inappropriate submissions.
Listing Categories
aguide2NorthernIreland.com supports virtually any type of business wishing to advertise to the Northern Irish tourist market, however, advertisements have been organized into 8 primary listing classes for simplicity: Accommodation, Restaurants, Shopping, Events, Activities, Attractions, Nightlife, Travel Services.
In addition, suppliers who have subscribed a primary listing class can purchase a further reserved slot in a separate category, Last Minute Deals. This allows suppliers to list any current special offers or discounts.  Since this slot can be updated an unlimited number of times throughout the year at no extra cost, this represents an incredibly cost-effective tool for managing fluctuations in customer demand.
Listing Types and Fees
Depending on the listing class, there are a number of different listing types available: standard, display (or premium) and deluxe.  In addition, priority status can be purchased to give a supplier extra prominence. (Deluxe listings come with automatic priority status).
A standard advertisement allows a good, basic advertisement to be set up. A premium advertisement allows for more descriptive text and photographs than the standard, at higher cost. A deluxe option allows even more information and images to be entered and this would attract an even higher fee. Examples of standard, premium and deluxe ads are shown on the advertisement entry screens. 
Fees vary depending on the listing class and the type chosen.  This gives the supplier the largest amount of purchase flexibility possible and who can pay exactly for the desired exposure wanted.
Choices available vary according to type and relevance for each listing class.  For example, the accommodation listing class has all the options available, given the variety of accommodation providers available and the large amount of information to convey.  Other listing classes (e.g. Restaurants, Events, Activities, Attractions, Travel Services) generally do not have the deluxe option enabled. Also, since events are listed chronologically, they do not permit the concept of a “premium” or a “priority” listing and are charged at a simple flat rate for all ads.
This is summarized in the following table:

Premium or Deluxe
Priority Available
Travel Services
Last Minute Deals

Your Customers
aguide2NorthernIreland actively promotes its site profile, and has a growth strategy that is designed to grow site traffic in a stable but steady manner over the medium term.  A key component of this strategy is establishment and consolidation of a prominent position on major search engines.  One example of how this can work is shown below.
Signing Up
Subscribing is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow these steps.
Choose your Listing Type - Select the listing class (hotels, restaurants etc) relevant to your business and also the listing type (standard, priority) that best suits your needs. Once you are satisfied you can proceed to the online processing screens (below).
Log in and Upload your Details - When ready click on the relevant advertising button in the “ADVERTISE YOUR” section on the left hand side of the page and enter advertisement details. 
The login screens are slightly different depending on the listing class, but the procedure is basically the same in all cases.  Note: the last 4 listing classes (activities, attractions, nightlife, travel services) are accessed through the “Classifieds” button in the “ADVERTISE YOUR” section.
Arrange Secure Payment - upon submission of the advertisement details, you will pass to the secure Paypal payment screen for transaction completion. Your advertisement will be displayed immediately and can be edited an unlimited number of times.  Note that if you are not registeredwith Paypal, Paypal will require you to register.  There is no cost associated with this and entails confirming your email address.  Also note that we do not see your credit card details.
Other Services
aguide2NorthernIreland offers other services as well to our supplier base.  These include banner ads, sponsored links within the travel guide content and publication of monthly features on the site.  We are very flexible and will work with advertisers if there is a function that you require.  If you are interested in any of these products then please contact info@aguide2northernireland.com or click on sponsored links and link exchanges for more information. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How much do I need to spend?
As much or as little as you like. The site is designed so that you can select the precise advertising package to suit your needs, and you do not pay for services you do not require. Once you are registered, there is no requirement to make any more purchases.
Based on your customer profile, we will provide updates if we believe your advertising spend can be targeted more effectively. Again, there is no obligation.
To try it out for a trial 60 day period. If you do not like it you can cancel it for a full refund.
Are there restrictions on what I can write in the advertisement?
There is extremely wide flexibility in this, but note that the advertisement listing must be consistent with our standard terms and conditions. These exist to protect the reputation and integrity of the site as well as the good name of our subscribers.
What happens when my subscription expires?
Subscriptions generally expire annually or upon specific expiry dates.  Shortly before this happens you will receive a reminder. If you choose not to renew your advertisement feature, it will be ceased to be displayed after expiry date.
How is payment made and is it secure?
Payment is effected through the trusted Paypal platform which is recognized in over 60 countries globally. Payment can be made in several different currencies although sterling settlement is recommended.
When do rates change?
We review rates annually to ensure they are competitive but reflective of a range of market variables, such as the level of site traffic and the value they bring to our participating businesses.

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