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About Us

Who are We?

We are a small business dedicated to providing you with the best possible advice and information on travelling to or in Northern Ireland.  We have a comprehensive guide of Northern Ireland which has been tried and tested by ourselves as we have travelled this beautiful area.  We understand what visitors to our website would want as we ourselves are travellers. 

We do not want to be a website that ignores the past of Northern Ireland, and its impact on todays Northern Irish society, nor do we want to dwell on that same past.  We want to give readers a full understanding of what we feel Northern Ireland is without emphasizing only on its recent history.  However, the reader must be aware of certain intricacies about Northern Ireland in order to ensure a happy and safe holiday here.

We are Passionate About Northern Ireland 

We are passionate about Northern Ireland and all that it could be to visitors from all over the world.  While the history of Northern Ireland is important and forms the foundation for understanding everything Northern Irish, the history of the Troubles does not define what is Northern Irish. 

What is Northern Irish? 

So what is Northern Irish?  I hope that you, the website viewer, will one day visit this amazing area of the United Kingdom and the island of Ireland and understand yourself what Northern Irish is.  Then, please send us an email at  webmaster@aguide2northernireland.com and we will include your posting on this website.    However, until then, please enjoy the website and we do hope it aids you in planning your trip to this beautiful area. 



































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